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Books, Suggested Reading, and Other Resources

Here we have collected literary works and resources by and for Wolfhounds:

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War and Military Titles By Wolfhounds
Cherries : A Vietnam War Novel
By John Podlaski
Available from
When Can I Stop Running?
By John Podlaski
Available from
2nd Platoon Journey of the Pack
By Billy Smith
Order directly from Author:
629 Co. Rd. 409, Elba, Al. 36322
Phone: (334) 897-0969
Cost of book is $12.50 plus shipping
Wolfhounds: My Combat Tour
in Vietnam 11/57-11/68

By Peter Hague
Eyes of the Blind
By John W. Huffman
America's Diplomats: The Road to Attleboro
By John W. Huffman
A Wayward Wind
By John W. Huffman
Above All
By John W. Huffman
Paktika - The Story of the 2nd Battalion 27th Infantry
Wolfhounds in Paktika Afghanistan

By Walter E. Piatt (Mar 27, 2006)
Available at
She Came to the Door to Wave Good-bye:
A Soldier's Thoughts about Family Life and the War in Afghanistan

By Walter Piatt (Jan 24, 2003)
Available at
Traces of a Lost War
By Richard Barone
Available at
Fighting on the Brink:
Defense of the Pusan Perimiter

By Brig. Gen. Uzal W. Ent
Available at
Winning Paktika - Counterinsurgency in Afghanistan
By Robert S. Sanders
Available at
165 Days: A Story of the
25th Infantry Division on Luzon

By William De Janette Rutherford
Available through alibris or
No Body Armor
By Don White
Available from
A Walk on the Sidewalk
By David McCormick
Available from
Some Even Volunteered
By Alfred S. Bradford
Available from
Vietnam: No Regrets
By J. Richard Watkins
The Vietnam Worm
By James E. Johnson III (deceased)
Available from
Searching for the Good
By Thomas A. Brewer
Available from (review at
See the Dragon
By Don Arndt
Into the Dragon's Roar
By Don Arndt
The Devil's Finger
By William Ungerman
Available from
Wolfhound Samurai
By Vincent H. Okamoto
Available from the Japanese American National Museum
Combat Infantryman Badge, Salute
By Dr. Carlyse C. Crank
Available from
The Boys of Benning
By Dan Telfair
Available from
Men Who Fought... Boys Who Prayed
By Carter Tucker
Available from
The Tunnels of Cu Chi
By Tom Mangold & John Penycale
Available from
Red Thunder, Tropic Lightning
The World of a Combat Division in Vietnam

By Eric M. Bergerud
Available from
Kaboom - Embracing the Suck
in a Savage Little War

By Matt Gallagher
Available from
Scattered Shots
By Paul Mahar (deceased)
Korean War Remembered
By Bailey Gillespie
Available from
Badger Bravo Six: Wolfhounds in the Midst
By Larry Garlock
Available from
The Battle for Pusan: A Memoir
By Addison Terry
Available from
The Image Of My Father: Awakening the Champion Within
By J. P. Smith, Ph.D.
Available from Xulon Press
Through Smoke-Teared Eyes: The Vietnam War I Fought
By Johnny F. Pugh
Available from
War Is Hell, A Love Story
By Dennis G. Smith
Available from
General Titles and Novels by Wolfhounds
Missouri's Secret, a novel
By Dennis G. Smith
Available from
Night Light, a novel
By Dennis G. Smith
Available from
The Young Wolfhounds Book 1, a novel
By AE Fitzgerald
Available from
The Young Wolfhounds, Book 2, a novel
By AE Fitzgerald
Available from
Suggested Reading
My Thousand Yard Stare
Poetry from the Heart of a Soldier in Vietnam

By Gary Jacobson
Spiritual Warrior's Journey
By W. H. McDonald Jr.
Available from
Highest Traditions
By Tony Lazzarini (25th - Little Bears)
Ghost of the Nam
By Charlie Fortner
Available from
Out of the Shadows of Living with COPD
By Wayland T. Whitley, Sr.
Order directly from the author:
P.O. Box 143, Patego, NC  27860    (252-943-2289)
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Military Writers Society of America

27th Infantry Regimental Historical Society

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