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Mr. Hiroshi Nakada

Mr. Hiroshi Nakada

Farewell, “Nakada Sensei”


On April 3, 2018, a memorial service was held at Holy Family Home to honor the memory of Mr. Hiroshi Nakada, Chairperson of the Social Welfare Board of Directors of Holy Family Home, who passed away on March 17, 2018. He actively worked for the welfare of children, and held the position of president of various national committees. To the children and staff of Holy Family Home however, he was the presence of a kind “father”, and was idolized by them. He graciously listened to their problems, and always cheered them up warmly with encouraging words.

During the service, prayers were offered, and remembrances of Mr. Nakada and episodes were presented by the kindergarten children, grade school, middle school, high school children and the Sisters. Pictures of Mr. Nakada that the children drew, and the words they wrote were posted everywhere in the room.

One of the High School boys emotionally shared his memories:

“I was in Nakada Sensei’s care since I was a baby. I will never forget his words to me on my first day of kindergarten. When I greeted him ‘Good Morning’, he said ‘you spoke well’. I finished Grade School, and when I was in Middle School, he took 30 minutes of his precious time to meet with me, listen and talk to me. Then when I went to tell him I passed the Entrance Exam for High School, he shared my joy like a gentle father."

"Now I am filled with sadness that we cannot meet again, but I will keep my promise not to quit school midterm, but will continue until graduation. I want him to protect me from heaven. Thanks to Nakada Sensei these have been 15 happy years. From now on, I will never forget his kindness, and try to become like him. Thank you, Nakada Sensei!"

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