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Don Arndt: Reunion with John Shea and Larry Brown

By Don Arndt

There was going to be 6 of us meet up with the sister, but due to circumstances (heath mainly) only 3 came. There could have even been seven, Sgt Cary Clark wanted to come, but was unable. He knew Charlie well also. The three were John Shea from Junction Il, Larry "Deacon" Brown from Dallas Tx and myself from Adrian, Mo. Our friend Charlie Crowe died in July of '66. His sister, Patsy Clayton, and her husband drove from Henderson, Tn to be with us. The reunion was even better than we had expected. 

We shared many meals together and enjoyed lots of visiting. I asked her how many hugs she had gotten from wolfhounds, she laughed and said she had lost count. At the banquet, Larry Brown bid on and got the miniature Vietnam wall. He walked up and got it, brought it back and handed it to Patsy. Very emotional. 

David Hunt bought the book that had all the Wolfhounds name in it at the auction. After it was over as I was leaving the banquet, he summoned me over to he and his buddies table. He said the book was mine. I didn't know what he meant for a minute, then I realized what book he was speaking of. I did try to turn them down, but after a short argument, I came away with the book that means so much to me. 

Robert Foley signed just that way, not retired General, Medal of Honor Robert Foley. Fine man. And my favorite one read, Charlie Crowe by his sister, Patsy Clayton. Easy, It was indeed a fine week to remember a lifetime. 

Thank you, 

Don Arndt
2007 25th/27th Reunion


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