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Easy Smith: Mini Reunions

Henry L. Dunmore

I had been searching for Dunmore for 40 years. I never gave up hope in finding him. The delay in finding him through all my searches was due to the fact that I was looking for Lawrence Dunmore. Atl least that was the name I wrote on the picture in Vietnam in 1967. Searches led nowhere until, one day I noticed a Henry L. Dunmore on the Wolfhound Alumni. Well, I thought the "L" was for Lawrence. At the time there was no indication of an email until one appeared in late 2006. We connected over the internet and phone conversations and we remembered each other. Then on a trip to Washington, D. C. in July 2007 I finally saw him while visiting another Wolfhound (Jim Hauser). 

October 29, 2007

Easy and Henry L. Dunmore


Al Dabalos

I was contacted some time ago by Merrill Sellers about a Wolfhound in Sacramento named Al Dabalos (A 2/27 1970 & 196th Inf 1971).  

Al moved out of state before I got to meet him. We finally met at the 2007 Reunion in Lexington, Kentucky.

Easy, Al Dabalos, Merrill Sellers


Al and Adele Dabalos


Sam Hartsfield

Easy and Jimmy Johnson together with Sam Hartsfield for the first time in 41 years.

(l-r) Sam's son, Easy, Sam , Jimmy


Luther Ingram and Henry Dunmore

In July 2008, Luther Ingram, Henry Dunmore, and Easy met together for the first time since 1967.

Easy and Luther Ingram


Easy and Henry Dunmore


Calvin Birdson

Calvin Birdson, Anthony "Doc Tony" Tasconie, and Bill Allen pulled me back to the tree line when I was wounded on September 4, 1967. I found Calvin and visited him for the first time 41 years later on July 30, 2008.

Easy and Calvin Birdsong


Calvin Birdsong


2nd Pltn Bravo Co 2/27 Wolfhounds

2nd Reunion of 2nd Pltn Bravo Co 2/27 Wolfhounds Aug 2009 in Monticello, Indiana.

Photo submitted by: Vet Geraold.

2nd Reunion of 2nd Pltn Bravo Co 2/27 Wolfhounds


L to R kneeling: Barry Sittlow, Gerald "Indiana" Maddock, Ed "Doc" Crohe, Berley Branham, Gordy Nietz

L to R standing: Don Goodwin, Jim Clady, Wayne Goza, Rich VanNest, Walter Westbrook, Jim Boone, Jeff "Stef" Stephan, Danny Deaver, Harold "Freddie" Friedlund, Joe Oehrli, Jim Overly


David Steele

Easy Smith and David Steele, after 48 years.

David Steele and Easy Smith


Frank Soto


Frank Soto and Easy Smith


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