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Joe Wanta

Joe Wanta    

By William "Easy" Smith
April 11, 2004

When I left Vietnam on September 4, 1967 after being wounded for the second time certain names and faces stuck with me. One of the most difficult and recurring moments has been trying to put names to faces and faces to names.

However, through it all Joe Wanta was one of the names and faces that remained imprinted deep within the depths of my soul.

The irony of it all is that I still don't recall many of my experiences with the individuals I seem to remember. But, one thing is clear and that is those I do remember stand out because of their soldiering.

Joe is also another one of those men that I served with in Vietnam that I thought I would never hear from or see again.

But, that all changed one day when I got an email from Tom Demunnick telling me that he had spoke to Joe by phone. I was under the impression from Tom's communication that he had contact with Joe for quite some time. But, I was to learn that Tom had spoken to Joe for the first time in 35 years.

For me more importantly was the fact that Joe was the first person I had contat with from my platoon in Nam that remembered me.

It has truly been a blessing to add Joe's name to the men that I have been reunited with though not in person at the time of this writing.

Again, Welcome Home Bro!


"hey easy, checked the web sites out ,they're great. man how do you do it. showed my kids the web site they say thank you .the only thing i can say to what you said already is that time there in viet nam you meet the greatest men who took pride and honor severing with the 25th inf. wolfhounds i know i did. glad that i had pictures with you in them, also with some guys that brought back memories to you and others that will view those sites. have to get ready for my retirement party with the guys from work and friends ,my brothers & sisters and my family. again nice job. hounds & friend forever " joe 4/13/04

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