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Roger Cates: Reflections on the 2007 Reunion

By Roger Cates

There were many stories at the reunion... This was mine, that I wanted to share with y'all.

Carl, who hasn't had any contact with any guy's that he served with Charlie Co 2/27 67', saw a flyer at the VFW where he is a member in Lexington. The 25th Infantry Division is having a reunion at the Marriot in August. Hmmm thought Carl, and as many of us first timers can relate, he thought should I go ? will I see anyone I know....naaa...probably not...well maybe...hmmm Oh what the hell...I'll go...well yes no ...maybe so,lol. I think we have all been there, and know what Carl was thinking.So, the day the reunion started,Carl drove over,anxiety to the hilt, to the Marriott. He nervously walks in, and in the lobby hears a voice, that he hasn't heard in 40 years. That voice was none other that our editor of the Wolfhound news letter, Joe Gucheck, who was also in Carl's first platoon, and squad. The rest as we all know is history, and hashing over old stories, that haven't been shared, in all those years.He joined in all the festivities along with his wife Lois.What a great reunion it was for Carl, Lois, and for all there, who shared in his first reunion.The Wolfhound hospitality room stayed quite busy everyday. What a blast. Also the banquet, was alot of fun,and laughs. The Wolfhound's outnumbered all other groups that were represented there. We made up 25% of the 25th's attendees.Not bad, huh? Also a funny note. As Lexington is the center for horses, at the entrance of the hotel, the Marriot had two baskets of snacks. One basket of carrot's for horses, and also a basket of dog biscuits for the dogs, that were in attendance, of a dog show there. Well, as jokes will fester at a military gathering we (Wolfhounds) were the blunt of many jokes throughout the week, Such as, soon as we saw the doggie biscuits, we knew the Hounds were around"hahaha.All kidding aside, we were also complemented and respected for what we are known as, The Mighty Wolfhounds!

There were MANY first time stories such as ours, that was happnin' at the reunion.I know we can all relate to that experience.To say it was great, would probably be a understatement. We certainly missed those that couldn't make it. Top Charlie Green, drove down from Indianapolis, just to spend a few hours with us, and drove back that same day. Please keep Nora,Top's wife in thoughts, and prayers as she is undergoing cancer treatments.Also a sad note, Ann Cunningham, who was a nurse at the 25th Evac ,passed away at the reunion. She probably patched many of us up.She loved her 25th Div Warriors...RIP. This was our first reunion with the 25th in many years. There were many 1/5th Bobcats such as us, at the reunion. We shared alot of stories of the AO's that we both operated in. We will once again break away from the 25th next year, and will assemble in August, at Salt Lake City, Utah. Lets make it happen...

Lets all give Carl, a Big Wolfhound Welcome Home, note to him. We really had a memorable time together, both laughing, and crying.All heart felt...Also a note to all. The 25th anniversary of the dedication of the " The Wall" will be on Veterans Day, the parade will be on the 10th, along with the regular ceremony on the 11-11-11-07' so mark your calendars ...Hope to see all that can make it there...

Wolfhounds' Forever 

Roger Cates
2007 25th/27th Reunion

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