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Squad Reunion 2007

By Ray Garrettson

(l to r) Ray Garrettson, Ronald Hayes, John Perkins, Thomas Sheehan,
Clark Richie, Dale Chapman, Dorsey Weeks


From Left to Right: Ray Garrettson (B 1/27 65-66) 71-73 ; Ronald (Gabby) Hayes (65-66); John Perkins (65-66);Thomas Sheehan (65-66); Clark Richie (64 & 66 was also on last shot gun group from 25th) and Dale Chapman (65-66).

We were same Plt and same Sqd. There are a total of eight of us. We met one more while at the Reunion his name is William Van over (65-66). We hadn't seen him since 66. That's what makes these reunions so great. And of course the one's who show up at most of the reunions. And I know everyone can't always make it to the reunions. 

Standing is Dorsey Weeks C 1/27 65-66 ( Dorsey reunited with his old Platoon Sargent at the 2004 Pack Reunion in San Diego, Ca.) 

Ray Garrettson 

2007 25th/27th Reunion

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