Jerry Todd and Mike Greenman


The name of the Wolfhound that I met at The Moving Wall in Milwaukie Oregon is Mike Greenman. I was so shocked to see another hound, that I forgot when and where he was stationed. So, short story follows, use and edit as you wish. If you need the photos again, just let me know, but I think you can save them from facebook.

The Vietnam Moving Wall was on display from July 23rd to July 26th at Milwaukie High School in Milwaukie Oregon.

I was volunteering on Saturday afternoon, the 25th, helping people find names and doing rubbings, if asked. As I was showing someone to their name on the Wall, I hear "Wolfhound" from the crowd. After showing the people to their name, I found the person that had yelled out to me.

His name is Mike Greenman. So we greeted each other and shook hands. Great to find another Hound. We talked for a bit and found out he had been in Co. B, 2/27th Wolfhounds. The hair on my arms stood up at the mention of his unit. I told him that I also had been Co. B, 2/27th, just different era.

More good Wolfhound talk, then I had to bet back to volunteering, but we gave each other a good handshake and hug before parting. Great to find another survivor, and "Once a Wolfhound, Always a Wolfhound."

I wish that I could tell you more about Mike, but about all else I know is that he was with a bunch of Veterans on motorcycles. I just found out that he is a member of Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association Oregon Chapter 29-1.

Thank you for all that you do for the Wolfhounds.

"I ain't here alone" by Michael J Martin and Tim Holiday is a very moving song about Nam Vets reuniting, worth searching and listening to. I wanted it played at the 2010 Branson reunion, but could not get it done in time. This song made Jerry Mckinney tear up when he heard it, as with many others.)

Thanks again, 


Jerry Todd and Mike Greenman

Even and Mike Greenman

Jerry Todd

The Moving Wall

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