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Bill Lupton's Vietnam Tales

Bill Lupton, 1966


What a common soldier may lose is obvious enough. Without regarding the danger, however, young volunteers never enlist so readily as at the beginning of a new war; and though they have scarce any chance of preferment, they figure to themselves, in their youthful fancies, a thousand occasions of acquiring honour and distinction, which never occur. These romantic hopes make the whole price of their blood. Their pay is less than that of common labourers, and in actual service, their fatigues are much greater.

Adam Smith, The Wealth of Nations, 1776

The following writings are by Bill Lupton, recounting his experiences in Vietnam, from his arrival at Schofield Barracks in October of 1965 through January of 1968.

 1. October, November, December 1965

 2. January 1966

 3. First Day in Combat, February 5th, 1966

 4. February, 1966

 5. March, 1966

 6. April, 1966

 7. May, 1966

 8. June, 1966

 9. July, 1966

10. July 19, 1966, After Action Report (part I)

11. July 19, 1966, After Action Report (part II)

12. August, 1966

13. September, 1966

14. October, 1966

15. November, December 1966

16. January, February, March 1967

17. April, May, June 1967

18. July, August, September 1967

19. October, November, December 1967

20. January, 1968

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