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Reflections: HSM Hugh O'Reilly

Few copies of the original print of Reflections can be found these days; it is only by chance that I happened upon the copies that are making this possible. Whatever I might say about these books has already been said by SGM O’Reilly and is printed on the pages to come. 


I will leave you with this; these books were his labor of love for the Wolfhounds of the past, present and the future. He took the time and made the effort to compile these stories that we might know our heritage and grow stronger because of it. We are a proud unit rich with history and stories of heroes and unsung acts of valor. The Wolfhounds are now over a Century old and we continue to fight with tenacity that has defined this unit since its birth, we continue to show compassion and love towards others and especially our orphans with the same selfless dedication as any other eras of Wolfhounds. 


These are the stories of the Wolfhounds, they and the men in them are timeless and are as important now as ever. 


SGT Jacob Kelly 


Wolfhound Reflections: Hugh F. O'Reilly


Reflections: Memories from Korea
Volume 1

Henry Montijo: The Battle of the Little Schoolhouse, August 3, 1950

Reflections: Memories from Vietnam
Volume 1

Roy W. King II, on MG Guy Stanley Meloy, III

Reflections: The Aftermath of the Vietnam War
Volume 1

B A Bond, Sgt, 2/27 Inf. Wolfhounds
David Hugus, Why Vets Get Together
Easy’s Reading of Names/Wreath Laying Ceremony Speech May 26, 2016
Easy’s Sacramento City Library Interview by Christie Dentry
Anthony Tascione, Medic HHC 1/27 1967-68
Bill Allen, A Co 1st Bn 27th Inf Reg 25th ID
Calvin Neptune, III Medic HHC, 2/27 1967
Kermit Schayltz
Reflections: Global War on Terror


Volume 1

My Routine Day – Anonymous
My Story – SPC Abe Smith
Wolfhound Reflections – SSG Kenneth Townsend
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Frank Pardo
My First IED and Me – Anonymous
Wolfhound Reflections – SSG Bender
Wolfhound Reflection – SPC David Clarkson
Security Mission to AI Zaab – SSG Jesse Okiyama
The Day of the Car Bomb – SPC Mark D. Gunthorpe
New Private – PVT Conrad Seyfried

Volume 2

Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Andrew Olsen
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Cato
Wolfhound Reflections – SSG Adam Grew
Daily Routine at the FOB – Anonymous
OIF II Reflections – SSG Long
Reflections OIF ll Event – SFC Bernard Villa
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Nigel James
Wolfhound Reflections – Anonymous
Life on the F.O.B – SPC Ryanjay Panlilo
Battle of Hawijah I – SPC Lupo
Wolfhound Reflections SSG Bender
Wolfhound Reflections – SSG Andrew Grew
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Nigel James
Wolfhound Reflections – Anonymous
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Nigel James

Volume 3

Late Night for the Gunslingers – SSG Daniel Navarro
Reflections – SFC Robert J. Stronski
The Long Cold Ride – SGT Jeffrey Davis
Wolfhound Reflections – SSG Odom
Iraqi Foods and Customs – Christopher Garmann
Life at the F.O.B – SGT Brown
The Night I Almost Shot Poston –. SPC Patrick J. Wayne
My Story – SGT Steven F. Mattus
Friday the 13th – SSG Joshua Meier
Life on the F. O. B. – Jason Romero
Fire Fight in the Weig – Anonymous

Volume 4

Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Nigel James
1‐27 Medics – SSG Eric Z. McConnell
A Medics Perspective of OIF II – SPC Compton
Reflections of OIF II – SSG Christopher M. Allee
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Joseph Bergen
Reflections of OIF II – SPC Ascencio
The Battle of Hawijah II – SSG Gregory
The Wolfhound Mecic’s Contribution to OIF II – SPC Condus
My 500 Word Essay – SPC Jaunathon E. Martin
Life on FOB McHenry – Anonymous
My Iraqi Story – SPC Nickalus Maxwell
My Thoughts on the Iraqi Election – SPC Josiah Faver
Wolfhound Reflections – SPC Kyle Pindel


Volume I

Wolfhound Reflections – Maj (R) Chadwick Maxey

Mason Rick, CPT, ARMY C/2-27
Memories of Capt. Roland Keller, D/2-27
Memories of Drew Meyerowich

Reflections: From Friends and Family

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