Roy W King, II

Reflection on MG Guy Stanley Meloy, III

In Mar of 1965, I arrived in Schofield, assigned to  Alpha 2/27th. from then till we left for VN, we had three company commanders, and two Bn commanders. just prior to our deployment, we were on a training mission in the Kahoka(?) range. As a young inf soldier, our commander at that time had selected me to carry his map case as he wasn't the most physically fit commander you could have in the field. During the operation, we had been advised that the "new Bn" commander was flying in to observe our training.

Shortly after, a helicopter arrived and the new Commander of the 2Bn landed. First thing he noticed, was the young Pvt (me) carrying the map case. He looked at the C.O. said something regards my having the case, and as I remember, relieved him on the spot.

In Meloy's article, he mentions meeting the Brig commander of 1/27th, LTC Mooney.

Roy W King II

Major General Guy Sandy Meloy, III   (May 16, 1930 – August 25, 2013)



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