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Don Arndt, 2/27 1965-67

Don Arndt    

Hello, I'm Don Arndt and I live in Western Missouri. I was drafted into the Army April 8, 1965 and after basic, I was assigned to the 25th Division stationed in beautiful Hawaii in July of '65. My first day at Scholfield Barracks on the island, I was assigned to the famous 27th Regiment, better known as the Wolfhounds.

There were two Battalions of Wolfhounds, the 1st and the 2nd and I was to belong to the 2nd for the rest of what was left of my two year obligation, I thought. These Wolfhounds were a hard training bunch and spent a lot of their time in the mountains perfecting their jungle training skills. Having such an almost mystical reputation to uphold, the cadre of the Wolfhounds constantly pushed the men to the limit. It was indeed an elite fighting unit. Quite possibly one of the Army's best trained and conditioned.

In December of that year the 25th Division, Tropic Lightning, was deployed to Viet Nam by troop ships for the purpose of stopping the communists from North Viet Nam from taking over the Republic of South Viet Nam. So ended my weekends on the beaches with my buddies and enjoying the great weather of Hawaii.

The first several photos were taken around the Island and at Scholfield Barracks as we went about the business of soldiering during the week and playing on weekends. The rest of the approximately 350 pictures were taken in Viet Nam. Most of them are of my fellow soldiers. my friends forever. I have captioned most of them that I could remember of who or where and those where my memory failed me I have left blank.

Many of the photos are of us building and clearing the base camp known as Cu Chi. Many I took at small bases around our AO and walking. Note as the year goes by, how primitive the camp is at first and the uniforms are all garrison fatigues with white name tags, but later we are wearing jungle fatigues with dark name tags.

I rotated out of Viet Nam January 3rd 1967. I think of the amazing men in these pictures everyday, the ones that made it home and all those that lost their lives there. I miss their laughter and their tears and their smart remarks, but mostly I miss the strength I got from them while we were together. Oh, those remarkable Wolfhounds of the 25th Division.

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