Tales of the Wolfhounds


In memory of Howard Landon "Dutch" McAllister

In two voluntary tours in Vietnam I served as CO of Company A, 2d Battalion, 18th Infantry, and later as Executive Officer, and Operations Officer (S-3), 2d Battalion, 27th Infantry. The 18th Infantry (Vanguard) was a great outfit, and no one knows better than I that the Big Red One has always been a great fighting division. But if anyone remembers me as a soldier, I want to be remembered as a Wolfhound. For it was in that dangerous, unpredictable environment along the Cambodian border, fighting a war our country's leaders had already decided to lose, I was privileged to serve with men who matched Stephen Vincent Benét's view of the soldiers in the Army of Northern Virginia in the American civil war.

...Strange army of ragged individualists, the hunters, the riders, the walkers, the savage pastorals, the unmachined, the men come out of the ground...

The lazy scorners, the rebels against the wheels, the rebels against the steel combustion chamber...

...You had your cowards; your bullies, your fakers, your sneaks, your savages. You got tired of marching. You cursed the cold and the rain, you cursed the war and the food--and went on until the end. And yet there was something in you that matched your fable. What was it? What do your dim, faint voices say?

I say -- in the words of my friend and personal hero, Major Charles "Butch" Darrell, who was Executive Officer and Operations Officer before me in the Second Wolfhounds:

The regimental insignia was the head of a wolfhound above the motto Nec Aspera Terrent... The insignia looks like a fraternity pin and we often said, "That's as it should be. We are a fraternity."

Please tell me about your part in our history. I will do my best to record it honestly and provide a link for us with our descendants – for all time.

Howard Landon "Dutch" McAllister


In Vietnam Combat, 1966 – 1971


Timeline: 1966, Vietnam: Wolfhound Commanders I: Sandy Meloy and Operation Attleboro

Timeline: 1969, Vietnam: School of Hard Knocks on the Cambodian Border

Timeline: 1970, Vietnam: Wolfhound Commanders II: Yellowhair Rides Again

Timeline: 1970, Vietnam: Price Tag in the Renegades: Johnny We Hardly Knew Ye

Timeline: 1970, Vietnam: Wolfhound Commanders III: Al Hodges, A Wolfhound with Style

Timeline: 1969, Vietnam: The Gray Ghost: Good Enough to be a Wolfhound

Timeline: 1969, Vietnam: Bad Day at Bo Bo Canal, Part I: 'Steel Pot' Rittgers's Tape

Timeline: 2010: Bad Day at Bo Bo Canal, Part II: Hindsight

Timeline: 1967 & 1969, Vietnam: Rock Green – Always a Wolfhound

Timeline: 1966, Vietnam: Wolfhound Company Commanders I: Captain Bob Garrett

Timeline: 1970, Vietnam: Wolfhound Company Commanders II: Captain Frank Smith

Timeline: 1969, Vietnam: Wolfhound Company Commanders III: Captain Paul Evans

Timeline: 1967, Vietnam: The Wolfhound Who Never Was

Timeline: 1966, Vietnam: The Medics: Dan Rousseau in the Grass and under Fire – Hanging It All on the Line

Timeline: 1970: Redleg I: Jim Anderson’s Border War

Timeline: 1970: Captain Charles Dewese: The Mayor of FSB Jackson

Timeline: 1966: Ruben Ford – Wolfhound and Mentor

Timeline: 2011: The Rifleman

Timeline: 2011: Keeping the Memory Alive: Robert Hughes

Timeline: 1969, Vietnam: The Diamonds – Wolfhound Country Forever

Timeline: 1970: Medals, Brightly-colored Ribbons, and Other Things

Timeline: 1970s: Mike Malone: Keeping the Flame Alive and Passing the Torch

Timeline: 1969, Vietnam: The Vam Co Dong – A Watery Highway

Timeline: Vietnam War: Command Sergeants Major

Timeline: Vietnam War: The Way We Were

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