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Seeking information? Read this first.

If you are inquiring about anyone who may have served with the Wolfhounds in Vietnam or any era, please take the following into consideration before contacting us. 


To find information about the person in question, we need as much of the following information as possible:


  1. Battalion served
  2. Company served
  3. Years served
  4. Any pictures or names you remember 
  5. Any documents (orders, rosters, etc.)

Even given this information, there is no guarantee we can help.  However, once we have any additional information we can pass it along to others who served in the Regiment during the same time.

Contact Us...

We value your feedback! 


Please use the contact form below to send questions, comments, suggestions, or to report technical issues with the website. 


If you have moved or need to report any changes to contact information, please use the form on our Membership page.


Thank you!


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