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Announcement: 2020 Reunion Postponed
The 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society Board of Directors decided to postpone our annual 2020 reunion in Lexington until August 2022. Although a huge disappointment, the decision was made in consideration for the health of our members. Reimbursements will be coming shortly. If you decide you would like to donate part of your refund to offset expenses, contact Tom Donovan. 


Please make plans on attending our 2021 reunion in Reno and we will have a do over in Lexington in August 2022. Stay Safe.

President's Message

Randy Hall, President     

The Reunion in Nashville this year was one of the best we have ever had. Roger Cates and Tom Donovan went all out to make sure they had tours for everyone’s tastes, from the Grand Old Opry, to dinner on a River cruise, and yes, even a little Jack Daniels Distillery tour. The Marriott Airport Hotel was our Base Camp and they really made it happen for all our Wolfhound’s needs.

We had 280 Wolfhounds and their Guests, and I’m very proud to report, we had 38 First Timers. Among those who attended, we had a large number of Iraq/Afghanistan Wolfhounds that came to their first reunion. They had a great time seeing buddies and telling stories on each other. I watched this for the second time, the first being when our own groups relived their past. They have begun a journey that will help them through the rest of their lives! As I watched the older generation and the younger generation interact, it was interesting how much the years disappeared with the “Let me tell you a Wolfhound Story”. It really made me PROUD that I am a Wolfhound!

We were honored that Hugh O’Reilly, Jr. came all the way from Hawaii to be our guest speaker at the banquet Saturday night. Hugh is the son of Hugh O’Reilly Sr. and Yuko O’Reilly. When SGM O’Reilly started to pass the hat to Wolfhounds in 1959 to help provide for the care and well being of children in an orphanage in Osaka, Japan, an enduring tradition began that shows how compassionate Wolfhounds are. Hugh Sr. and Yuko O’Reilly made every Wolfhound know how important we were to the Holy Family Home, and how important those kids continue to be to the Wolfhounds. Wolfhounds, both Active and Veteran, continue to “pass the hat”. In December of this year, we will celebrate the 70th year the Wolfhounds have supported the children of the Holy Family Home. In 2007, Peace Bridge was created. This non-profit organization’s sole purpose is to assist the 27th regiment to keep this tradition going forever. Along with Hugh, Jr., Peace Bridge Board Finance Chairman, Mark James came to Nashville to meet with our Board members to strengthen the commitment to the Holy Family Home. Our 1st Vice-President, James Malagutti will travel to Japan in December to represent the 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society, Inc., at the 70th anniversary of this great joint cause.

We were also honored to have four Active Duty Wolfhounds travel from Schofield Barracks to our reunion: LTC Matthew Lee, 2/27 BN Commander, CSM Tim Custis 2/27, SSG Marcos Menjivar, 2/27 and SFC Frank Aguirre, 1/27. It makes our reunions very special when we have troops from Schofield Barracks. Thank you all for making it a great event for us.

I would like to thank you for your support and the three new Directors who stepped up and ran for office: Bill Spence, Tom Harlan, and Bill Thomas. It is always great to have new people who want to serve our Pack.

Our Newsletter was in a strange place with the sad news of our Publisher Butch Sincock’s sudden passing. Thanks to Susan Meyerowich for graciously stepping up to be our Publisher. I can not thank Susan enough for accepting this task. Thank You very much! Guy Hinton continues as our Editor and together he and Susan will meet this challenge. It is all of our jobs to send in info to help them do their job.

Remember: it is never too early to start planning to attend the 2020 Reunion in Lexington, KY. David and Wanda Shepherd have already planned a great week for all. Please try to make it there if at all possible. Every Reunion becomes more and more important to us. Thank you all!

Once a Wolfhound, Always a Wolfhound!!

Randy Hall


Wolfhound Memorial Bricks

Easy's Dream to Honor Fallen Wolfhounds to Become a Reality: Each 27th Infantry Regiment Wolfhound Killed In Vietnam While Serving in the Regiment Will Have a Memorial Brick Placed in the Memorial Brick Patio at Schofield Barracks

from Easy Smith

Many of you know I have been working on a project raising funds to ensure that there would be a Memorial Brick for each Wolfhound killed in Vietnam and that it may not happen in my lifetime. Well, thanks to some generous benefactors who wish to remain anonymous there will be a brick placed for each of them in the Brick Patio at Schofield Barracks. 

In other words, I am announcing that MY DREAM is about to become a reality to honor Wolfhounds killed in Vietnam while serving in the 27th Infantry Regiment. 

I want to personally thank each and everyone who has supported me along the way on this project whether it be financial or any other kind of support. 

Take care, Easy!!!!! 

William R. I. "Easy" Smith
Pres., 25th Infantry Division Association
Past President, 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society
A 1/27 25th ID 1967

Make Your Voice Heard

We are building out our website, but we need your help. Our Wolfhound Reflections project (initiated by HSM Hugh O'Reilly, furthered by HSM Jerry McKinney and Easy Smith, and reproduced and published here with the help of Jacob Kelly) records experiences, thoughts, and contemplation by many Wolfhounds. But we need more. We need your stories and pictures. We will be adding a section for Reflections by family members and friends, so we need their help as well.


We are a Historical Society, and as such, our mission is to record and preserve the history of the Wolfhounds of all eras. Many of you have photos and documents which are important to our history. We urge you to share these items to help us record our legacy.


This is your organization, your history, your legacy. If you have ideas or suggestions, please make your voice heard.


And finally, if you are looking for Wolfhounds you served with, please don't give up. If you come into contact with or find a Wolfhound, let the rest of us know about it. Someone else may be looking for that person too. Remember, you may hold the key to helping another Wolfhound find a missing piece of his or her puzzle.



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