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President's Welcome

Dorsey Weeks, President     

Welcome to the website for The 27th Infantry Regiment Historical Society, "The Wolfhound Pack". Our purposes are to bring Wolfhounds and other interested parties together, and to preserve the history of the Wolfhounds.


The Wolfhound Pack and our Active Duty Wolfhounds continuously set new standards and raise the bar. Today, we are actively engaged in supporting Wolfhounds throughout the world. We are there for them. The Wolfhound Pack membership is for Wolfhounds of ALL eras. The 1st and 2nd Battalions, 27th Infantry are not only our brothers and sisters, they are a large part of our reason to exist.


Today, we meet and assist wounded Wolfhounds when they return to the continental U.S. We make every effort to provide representation and assistance at the services of our fallen Wolfhound Warriors. We provide the same for our veterans from past wars. We are dedicated to helping the families in any way we can.


We love our country and we love, admire, and respect the active duty Wolfhounds. We do what we do with our own money and with donations from other Wolfhounds. When all is said and done, we have learned that the creature comforts of home don't outweigh just being there with our support. Thank you for your support.


Our next Wolfhound Pack Reunion is in August, 2016, in San Antonio, TX.  You you can find detailed information here on our website, and register online to attend as well. Mark your calendar! Hope to see you there!


Once a Wolfhound, Always a Wolfhound!



Dorsey Weeks


Dorsey Weeks, President


P.S. Stay in touch — visit us on Facebook and Flickr.

Make Your Voice Heard

We are building out our website, but we need your help. Our Wolfhound Reflections project (initiated by HSM Hugh O'Reilly, furthered by HSM Jerry McKinney and Easy Smith, and reproduced and published here with the help of Jacob Kelly) records experiences, thoughts, and contemplation by many Wolfhounds. But we need more. We need your stories and pictures. We will be adding a section for Reflections by family members and friends, so we need their help as well.


We are a Historical Society, and as such, our mission is to record and preserve the history of the Wolfhounds of all eras. Many of you have photos and documents which are important to our history. We urge you to share these items to help us record our legacy.


This is your organization, your history, your legacy. If you have ideas or suggestions, please make your voice heard.


And finally, if you are looking for Wolfhounds you served with, please don't give up. If you come into contact with or find a Wolfhound, let the rest of us know about it. Someone else may be looking for that person too. Remember, you may hold the key to helping another Wolfhound find a missing piece of his or her puzzle.



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